Patricia Petapermal

Patricia PetapermalPatricia Petapermal, born 1963 in Paris, has originally studied economy. She had a successful career as financial analyst. In 1993 a terrible accident in London completely changed her life.

She began to study art in Strasbourg and discovered her own creativity as an artist. As a child of a French mother and an Indian father, she used to live with two cultures. Seemingless her artistic and intellectual idea was to look for expressions between two cultures, the European and the Indian tradition. Her profound skills in many techniques, such as painting in oil and acryl, relief works, collages and drawings lead her to a clear, but rather varied style of expressing her own philosophical views.
As she split up the compositions in several fields, filled out by items and persons of a symbolic character, the collage system served as an overall principle also in her paintings
on chercheThose include Indian deities, signs of Buddhism, as well as nudes,the heart, chairs, pieces of laundry, etc. united in a window-like composition of new meanings and relations. Pieces of letters and musical compositions combined with colour and paintings of human bodies establish a relationship between the past and the future, creating unique views of modern times.

B.P. Bierschenck M.A.